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Have you been pulled over by the police in Dahlonega after enjoying some of Lumpkin County’s finer wines? Don’t panic. Just call DUI defense attorney George C Creal.

Lumpkin County may not be Bordeaux or Sonoma County, but as the wine tasting rooms of Dahlonega attest, it is an up and coming wine region that draws tourists and aficionados alike. It is also a beautiful region best appreciated on long drives through the vineyard covered hills. Unfortunately, drinking wine and driving are a notoriously risky pairing, even if it is just one glass.

The police of Dahlonega and Lumpkin County are all too happy to pull over locals and tourists alike on the slightest suspicion of drunk driving. And when that happens, the road between a fruity glass of Moscato or a dry Chardonnay to a DUI charge and a jail cell is short indeed. And the consequences for being convicted of driving under the influence will last far longer than the worst hangover.

Fortunately, the worst of these consequences can often be avoided with the help of a skilled DUI defense attorney. In North Georgia, including , DUI defense lawyer George C Creal works tirelessly to uphold the rights of arrested drivers, and avoid the overreach of police authority or unjust application of laws.

Why Are Wine Drinkers At Greater Risk Of A DUI In Dahlonega?

Most everyone knows by now the dangers of drinking and driving, but not everyone realizes how quickly that limit can be reached. Especially when it comes to wine.

Unlike beers, which have a relatively low alcohol content, wines are much stronger, especially in terms of the amount of alcohol per volume. In Dahlonega, wine is often served with meals; sometimes, two, three or more can accompany the various courses.

Worse still are the wine tastings out in Lumpkin County Vineyards. Events tourists and local connoisseurs often have to drive to, and back from. During these events, tiny sips and small glasses can quickly accumulate until even those trying to be careful lose track and go over the limits.

And in Georgia, like many states, you don’t even need to be above the .08% Blood Alcohol limit to get charged with a DUI.

What Are The Consequences Of A DUI Stop In Dahlonega?

A DUI stop by police officers is stressful even in the best of circumstances, but when you have actually had a few drinks, it can quickly become a nightmare. If the officers so much as suspect you of having drunk that night, they may ask to take a breath test or a field sobriety test.

Arrested For DUI In Dahlonega Or Lumpkin County?

If you fail one or both of the breath and field sobriety tests or give the police officers, or if you provide them with any other probable cause, you are likely to be arrested for Driving Under the Influence whether you were or not.

Immediately, you are likely to be taken into custody, read your rights, and most likely have to submit to a chemical or blood test at the station. While you can refuse this, you had previously given consent to it by getting a driver’s license, and refusing it will get your license suspended for up to a year.

Then, assuming the police believe the evidence to be strong enough against you, you’ll be formally charged with DUI, with the severity of the charge depending on any prior convictions, as well as any injuries or other aggravating factors.

And that’s just the beginning.

Why You Need A Defense Lawyer When Charged With DUI

Just because the police have arrested and charged you does not mean they will manage to convict you. But if they do, the consequences may be more dire than you realize.

In the short term, you face license suspension, potential jail time, and fines. These immediate legal penalties can be harsh, but the real consequences are felt most keenly in the long term.

Like the worst hangover after a night of red wine tasting, you might think everything is over when you come out of jail or get your license back. But the worst is yet to come. Any professional license you might have could be revoked or damaged, and if you have to apply for a job, a promotion, a new loan, or heaven forbid, college, your chances just took a big hit.

Fortunately, the conviction ruining your record, freedom, and future is not automatic. Not only does the government need to prove their case, but your attorney can pursue alternative sentencing options even if they are not able to get the evidence thrown out or the case dismissed.

Call A Georgia DUI Defense Attorney If You Are Arrested For Drunk Driving In Dahlonega

George C Creal | Defending Georgia drivers against DUI charges in Dahlonega and throughout Lumpkin County wine country.

If you or a loved one have been arrested after a night out in Dahlonega, do not panic. Your future is at stake, but the verdict has not yet been pronounced. By contacting a strong defense attorney as quickly as possible in the process, you will be giving yourself an excellent chance of avoiding some of the worst consequences.

DUI defense lawyer George C Creal has tackled hundreds of cases throughout northern Georgia, including Lumpkin County, and understands exactly what to do to preserve your freedoms, future, and reputation in the face of a DUI conviction.

Call his office today at (770) 961-5511 or  book an online consultation immediately if you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with driving under the influence in Dahlonega or anywhere else in North Georgia wine country.

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