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George C. Creal Testimonials:
“I was charged with a DUI plus four other violations. He was able to get my DUI reduced to Reckless Driving and have three of the other violations dismissed. I was very distraught with what had happened. George was very calming and helped me get through this in a very efficient way. I would most highly recommend him!” Deborah J.

“As a recent client I give George the highest rating possible. He was professional and compassionate at the same time. He was honest and forthright. We agreed on a strategy and possible outcome to my case then George went to work to get it done. George demonstrated a high regard for the law and justice for me as his client. From the very beginning I felt like George had my back.”Vance

“George Creal is by far one of the best, if not the best DUI lawyer in the southeast. If I hadn’t hired Creal as my lawyer I’d be facing a lot of time in prison for violation of probation. Creal found the smallest crack in my case and had it dropped to nearly a fine. I have no record of my incident anywhere other than my memory. On top of his expertise he was willing to work with me toward payments. Any other lawyer will rob you blind. I have never met such a good person in my life. When you need to hire a lawyer and be treated like a human being, hire Creal. Those with a DUI pending hire this man.”Cory

“George was very accessible and professional. He achieved great results. I had a first DUI reduced to a reckless driving.”A Satisfied Client

“George Creal and his litigation team were prompt and informative in their handling of my case. As other reviewers have noted, his presence is also very down to earth and friendly. Mr. Creal clearly maintains good working relationships with various court personnel and district attorneys. I believe that this and his constant professionalism had significant influence in reducing my charges and penalties in a very difficult case. Would recommend to anyone facing DUI charges.”Timothy

“I have hired George Creal on more than one occasion… Four to be exact! However, in all cases George was able to represent me, and I did receive a lesser infraction and far less consequences than I would have been given without Mr. Creal there on my behalf. He is very professional and well respected in his field. Obviously, I am a satisfied customer! Five Stars every time!”Kristy

“George is an awesome lawyer who fights until the job is done. He got my cases dismissed and did it in a professional manner. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer!!!”Jacqueline

“He is the most respectful, focus, organize and dedicated DUI lawyer I’ve ever met. He made sure I got the best humanly possible out of my case. I never give 5 stars in a review but this is the first.”A Satisfied Client

“George Creal and his team are an extraordinary group of people, that I would highly recommend to anyone faced with the task of finding the best representation when the circumstances present! You will not find a team more committed to serving the clients needs with the utmost level of care, compassion, and dedication evidenced in all that they offer. In the most challenging of moments, these folks are an invaluable gift to have in your corner! I can testify as an admittedly more difficult client, that their level of transparency professionalism, and attention for your best interest, is and will be unwavering to the very end!! They are top notch, and hands down the very best!! Frankly you would be lucky to have them represent you. I know that I was. I will forever be grateful as a former client. Though, I’m certain that consensus must be universal. If you find yourself in a situation in need of some assistance. I would highly encourage you to reach out to George and his team. You will not be disappointed!!”B. Hashemian

“I hired Mr, George to represent me in my DUI case, I was very nervous because I don’t want to screw up my dream job by having DUI on my record, but his knowledge and expertise led to the dismissal of my case and restricted my arrest. so if you or someone else you know been charged with DUI I highly recommend you to hire Mr, George Creal. Trust me you won’t regret it.”Tesfu

“George was an awesome DUI attorney! Very responsive and proactive to the needs of the client. He wants the best for the client. He helped me understand the legalities of the case and what we needed to do in order to achieve a positive verdict. He was great at communicating with me throughout the entire case. If I needed to reach George, he was available and answered my calls. I am very pleased with his services and would recommend him to any case relating to DUI.”Natalia

“George Creal is a brilliant lawyer. I hired him to represent me in a DUI case, and fortunately his knowledge and expertise led to the dismissal of my case. I am very thankful i found Mr. Creal, and i would advise anyone that finds themselves in this situation to hire him as well. “Austin

“George worked to understand me and my history. He used facts specific to me, combined with prior case law, to build my defense. George is an intelligent and creative attorney. Thank you, George.”Chris

“George Creal is a great attorney because of his honesty and professionalism. Mr. Creal represented me on a speeding, DUI and open container charge in Fayette county. He got the DUI reduced to a lesser charge and the speeding and open container dismissed. I would highly recommend Mr. Creal to anyone.”A Satisfied Client

“George couldn’t have been more helpful and respectful to a recent situation we found ourselves in. He was prompt getting back to us and courteous and kind. When you’re in a situation like we were, it gives you such peace of mind to have a knowledgeable and EXPERIENCED attorney in your corner. Thank you George for everything!!”A Satisfied Client

“Professional life savior. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.”Jakoby R.

“I had the pleasure of working with Justin Goodman who is under the George Creal firm. I must say after hours of calling many places in the Atlanta Area he was the right choice. He took the time to listen to my story from beginning to end – spending about an hour on the phone with me – going through all scenarios. He was very thoughtful and caring throughout the whole process and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. He was very thorough in his work and an expert on his subject matter. I was very satisfied with my outcome and would rate this experience a 6/5 stars, but alas I can only give 5. GIVE HIM A CALL!”Allen

“I just got home from court and immediately sat down to write this review. The reason? George Creal just had my DUI case dismissed and reaffirmed my faith in the court system. I can not express my gratitude for Mr. Creal enough. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, I highly recommend you hire George Creal to be on your side.”Austin H.

“One of the best you can find in the business. George goes the extra mile in working for his clients. If you are in search of a trustworthy attorney, if you are looking for an attorney who will bring you the best results, if you are looking for an attorney who will give you the best defense, if you are looking for an attorney who keeps the line of communication open with his clients, then George Creal Jr. is your man. He will deliver.”William P.

“The best attorney in the state! George Creal is one of a kind and I will recommend his services to anyone.”Karima W.

“Creal is the best and nothing less!! Extremely satisfied with the work he has done for me!”Violet A.

“I recently retained Attorney George C Creal, Jr., to represent me in Clayton County on a marijuana possession charge. Attorney Creal was able to use his legal expertise to identify a constitutional issue that led to the dismissal of the charge. He personally handled my case and was very professional.”John

“Truly passionate about his job,I would and will be recommending him for any DUI matter.T his guy the remedy yow, he will spend time on your case. Stay up Mr. Creal 5 star general.”Kaffara

“George was amazing and was able to get my DUI conviction reduced to reckless driving. I was very impressed with how well he worked in his field of expertise and I would highly recommend Mr. Creal to anyone facing a DUI conviction.”A Satisfied Client

“Attorney George has a mastery of details and how analysis can put you on the right track with your case. He got my DUI charge to dismiss and was very professional and prompt to answer my calls on any issues I had.”Eric B.

“George Creal provided excellent representation. He took the time to listen and provided the expert advise and support needed to get through the process with the least amount of stress and anxiety. He’s always there when you need him.”Michael

“I was charged with a DUI in January of 2015 with it being my first time EVER getting into any trouble so I was obviously very worried. I hired Attorney Creal immediately. He and his staff guided me through the entire process! After finally going to court 8 months later, Attorney Creal was able to get my charges reduced drastically and I walked out of the courtroom DUI FREE!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Attorney Creal to anyone in a situation similar to mine. He was thorough and knew exactly how to fight for me. I greatly appreciate his work and the final outcome he made happen! Thanks again Attorney Creal!!”A Satisfied Client

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Eric N. Bernstein Testimonials:
“Where do I start? Eric was a lifesaver for me! BEYOND compassionate, caring and KNOWS the law! He handled a DUI case for me, that was ultimately reduced, due to him doing his due diligence on the case! He will fight for you and he’s HONEST! He gives you worst case Scenario upfront, he doesn’t sugarcoat it and tell you “ what you want to hear” My case was extremely complex and he worked his magic! I couldn’t recommend him more!! If you want a fighting chance. HIRE ERIC!! Thank you, Eric! I owe you a lot! You saved me in Fulton!! You’re an awesome person all around! I’d recommend you to everyone!!”Christina

“Eric Bernstein represented me on DUI case on Hall County, GA. Since the first call, I immediately knew I was in good hands and had the pleasure to work with him all along my process. His approach to the case, his work attitude and his drive are unmatched. Eric treated me like a friend and answered all my calls to his personal cellphone. His experience helped me dismiss my case, a complete professional. Will recommend Eric on any DUI matters to anyone who reads this.”A Satisfied Client

“So of course I was charged with a DUI but held residence in another state. It was my first offense, I was nervous everyday for my court date. That’s was until I called Eric. He made everything so easy. I needed a lawyer who going to be behind me 100% and was competent in his work that also possessed extensive knowledge as well as experience. He was easy to communicate with and answered all my questions and concerns I had in regards to my charge. I got reduced down to reckless driving thanks to him. On a side note he’s a down to earth guy who’d be cool to hang out with. Thanks You Eric.”Christopher

“Eric represented me in a DUI case that unfortunately occurred just days after a life altering and devastating event took place in my life. Needless to say, this was the last thing I wanted to deal with at the time. However, he made it easier by always being considerate, knowledgeable, and honest. He helped me through a very rough time, and always asked how I was doing as well as my family. Very genuine guy, who works hard for you. Highly recommended!”Suzanne

“Eric did a fantastic job representing me. He is very thorough and easily accessible via phone and email. He has vast knowledge in his area of expertise and will also network/connect you to others within specific fields he may not be. Additionally, he is very thorough with high attention to detail and explains everything in a way that is understandable. Eric was able to get my case dismissed and restricted. Any time I had questions, he answered back in timely manner.”A Satisfied Client

“Eric Bernstein represented me for a DUI arrest from a DUI checkpoint in Douglas County. I am so glad I hired him because he seemed to really know his stuff. He was able to fit me in for a consultation the same day that I called, and showed interest in my case as well as confidence that he could help me. He was also very straightforward and honest which was very nice. I was very nervous about my case and would contact him often with questions, to which he would always reply the same day and he never seemed too busy for me, even when he’s already answered the question I’m asking. You could tell he’s experienced in the DUI process, and he was even knowledgeable of ongoing Supreme Court cases that could affect the outcome of my case! I asked that he keep me in the loop of everything going on, and he kept that promise. This was nice because I am living out of state. He also made sure to inform me of what to do on my end (such as 40 hours Community Service, DUI school, and an Alcohol Evaluation). Hire him!!”A Satisfied Client

“Eric was great from the beginning. He went over my case and gave me a outlook. Everytime I contacted him he got back to me with a answer within a few hours. He went above and beyond to resolve my case. The charges were dropped eventually. Because Eric was persistent and wanted the best outcome for me. I highly recommend him if you want the best.”A Satisfied Client

“Eric Bernstein was my lawyer for my DUI case and he was everything I could ask for in defending lawyer! He maintain consistent communication with me each court date and update in my case.. he was very patient with me, he always had a positive attitude and was very uplifting throughout my case. During the case he maintained a very Poised but aggressive Position as he defended me. He was very considerate when i had any questions and very upfront and honest with everything…in the end, i won my case and i couldn’t have asked for a better Lawyer!”A Satisfied Client

“Eric Bernstein is an amazing reliable lawyer. I was arrest for a DUI in Fulton county when I was 19 years old. I failed my field sobriety test and blew over the normal limit. I plead not guilty and moved to Miami, Fl. I missed my court date and had a bench warrant. I hired Eric after meeting him he was very honest upfront and knowledgeable. He cleared my bench warrant and followed me every step of the way. He help me with my case incredibly. I was always able to get a hold of him through text, email, and phone. He always answered my questions and was there. This case lasted over a year and Eric never charged me a dime more or ignored me. Since I lived out of state he went to every court date for me which I am so grateful for. He truly truly helped. Long story short he was able to reduce my DUI to a reckless driving. Which is a way lesser offense. I am truly grateful. I WOULD DEFFINATLY RECOMMEND him for your DUI.”Jose

“After the first conversation with Eric i felt comfortable he mad things less stressful and very easy. His going to tell you the truth about the good and the possible bad. He answers text messages, calls and email very fast and also easy to work with with the payment just talk to him and the both of you will figure something to make it easy for you. The entire DUI process was less stressful because he knows the laws and what he is doing i promise you will not be disappointed with the outcome he help save my license he can do the same for i guarantee that.”A Satisfied Client

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Justin L. Goodman Testimonials:
“Justin was competent, informative, and worked effectively to resolve my case in a satisfactory reduction. Hopefully I won’t require his services again, but I will rehire him if I ever need similar representation.”Jonathan

“From our first conversation to the last, Mr. Goodman was always focused on the best possible outcome for my complicated case. With a disorderly conduct charge in the Atlanta Municipal Court, I was worried of so many different factors facing my charge. But with the consistent guidance, off-the-clock communication, and his experience as a former prosecutor. Justin ultimately got my case DISMISSED!!”A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Goodman was awesome. He handled my case in Fulton county. He was punctual, professional and trustworthy. I’m honored to have worked with him and I would refer my family and friends to him!”Yolanda

“I have never had to hire an attorney before and to be honest my impression of attorneys were that they are all out for your money, until I met Justin Goodman. I had to hire Justin to defend me because of DUI and failure to maintain lane charges. The first time I spoke to Justin was on the phone and I instantly felt comfort and relief. Do not get me wrong after I got of the phone with him I was still terrified out of my mine and completely ashamed of having to tell a complete strange about a stupid mistake that I could not even give full details about. Justin never once judged me, he never made me feel like I was the first and only idiot in the world that had ever enjoyed her alcohol a little too much. I also never felt like just another paycheck to him. On the day I met Justin face to face he took the time to listen to my situation and told me what the worse and best scenarios could be. He explained in detail every step of the process and answered every question I had. No matter how many times I asked the same question I never felt that I was a complete annoyance to him. Justin was able to have my case dropped because there was not enough evidence to prove I was driving. I had complete confidence that Justin would get my charges at least lowered but he far exceeded my expectations with the results of my case. Even if Justin would not had been able to get my case dropped I would give him 10 stars out of 5 because of the respect and sincerity he showed me throughout this terrifying process. I will be forever grateful to Justin Goodman! “A Satisfied Client

“Words cannot describe how satisfied I was with Justin Goodman representing me in my DUI case. I am so glad I picked up the phone and called him that Sunday after my arrest in Cobb County. He promptly returned my call. Once I explained my situation to him, he felt very confident in having my charges reduced are thrown out. He put my mind at ease even though I knew I had done nothing wrong. He said he would fight for me to achieve the best possible outcome. He kept me updated on all interactions between him and the prosecutor. With the evidence that was collected during the time of arrest, he was able to show no signs for a DUI or any other major crime. The only Citation that was given was failure to maintain lane with no fine. The DUI was thrown out. Additionally, he talked to the prosecutor and the Judge to have my arrest record restricted. Both agreed that there should not have been an arrest in the first place. My record would be restricted. Justin Goodman is the right man for any job. A1 service, professional and always on top of his game. Highly Recommend.”A Satisfied Client

“There are few things more stressful and despairing than being introduced to the justice system via a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, I was introduced this way. I started making phone calls almost immediately after my long weekend in jail, met with several lawyers, but quickly chose Justin Goodman to represent me. In our initial meeting, Justin walked me through the workings of the entire process, reviewed my case, and discussed possible defenses and realistic outcomes. He took note of my criteria for an “ideal” situation, understood my priorities, answered my questions, and lifted the burden of what seemed like impending doom. Throughout the negotiation process, Justin and his staff were available if I had questions or concerns, and kept me informed on key dates, events, and new information. He took the time to make sure I understood every step of the process and spelled things so that I could make informed decisions. He was truly at my disposal, often answering questions that I had already asked 5 times. Business is obviously good, but in any given conversation, you are the center of his attention. Justin was able to successfully negotiate my DUI, Hit & Run/Failure to Render Aid, Reckless Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane, Improper Lane Change down to a Reckless charge, general moving violation and community service. Justin not only far exceeded my initial expectations, but also left the judge impatiently waiting as he negotiated a (literal) last minute change to my deal as I requested it. He owned the courtroom. I hired Justin to get me the best deal possible, and not only did he do that, but he also gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process. In my opinion, that is invaluable. This process is so overwhelming and complicated, looking back, I can’t imagine not having Justin at my defense. If you find yourself in legal trouble, no matter your financial situation, your skepticism, I recommend you at least have a consultation with Justin about your options. “Robert

“Although I (thankfully!) won’t have to use his services, I want to recommend Juston Goodman. I gathered he does traffic violations, car accidents, & criminal cases. He was timely in returning my call (again, I’m not a paying client), informative, incredibly friendly, and very honest. During our consultation, Justin gave me a very clear path to what steps I need to take, and what recourse that I have.”Meghan

“This attorney took my case and got the result I wanted! Facing a 2nd DUI charge, he saved my military career from going down in flames. I can’t thank this attorney enough for his legal and professional help. One call is all it took and he fought my case with precision! Highly recommended.”Dell

“My case was in Alpharetta. I had got into some trouble with the law for a pending DUI case. I called all around Atlanta, and I must say Justin was the first person who seemed to genuinely care. Keyword being genuine. He took the time to listen to my story always kept in touch throughout the process. He did not over deliver on anything. He was upfront about how the case could turn out and I was glad. He was always ready to talk whenever I had any questions and even gave his own personal contact so you can reach him at anytime. In the end I was convicted of a Reckless Driving and I could not have asked for a better result. My license was saved and I am back on the road ready to make better decisions from this learning experience. I had some issues with paying high lawyer fees upfront but he was also very accommodating with this as well. We were able to work out a payment plan and I am almost done paying this off. The whole process was great. 10/10 hopefully I never have to call a lawyer again, but if I do Justin will be on speed dial.”A Satisfied Client

“Justin Goodman represented me for my case in Oconee County. From the start, Justin was totally available, answered all my questions, and left me with a very accurate understanding of possible outcomes of my case and realistic goals. He was always well-prepared when we met for court and made sure I understood all my options, potential outcomes, and gave his professional opinion when I asked for it. From our initial consultation until the final court date where my charges were reduced, Justin’s intuition and advice were spot on. I’m happy to say that my case had a great outcome and I can put all of this behind me; said outcome would not have been possible without Justin’s hard work and diligence. I never want to have to go through any of this again, but there’s no one else I’d rather have working on my case. In a weird way, I’m even going to miss working with him–hands down the most pleasant lawyer I’ve ever met. I could go on and on with nothing but good things to say, but the point is the same: if you’re looking for a DUI/DWI defense attorney, Justin is of the highest quality. Absolutely supreme.”Mary

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