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Here are some highly-rated Real Deal George Creal approved online workouts with links, categorized for your convenience:

Free Options Platforms:

  • Nike Training Club:
    • Offers a wide range of workouts (HIIT, strength, yoga) with varying lengths and intensities.
    • Features celebrity trainers like Joe Wicks and Nike Master Trainers.
  • Fitness Blender:
    • Popular for beginner-friendly, equipment-free workouts for all levels and goals.
    • Includes various workout styles (cardio, strength, Pilates) and workout lengths.
  • Yoga with Adriene:
    • A calming and accessible yoga channel with beginner-friendly routines.
    • Offers different yoga styles like yoga for relaxation, stress relief, and sleep.
  • Yoga with Kate Amber
    • Mindful Flow: Kate’s classes guide you through graceful sequences with a focus on breathwork and mindful movement. Find inner peace and body awareness in her accessible and inspiring sessions.
    • Diverse Offerings: Explore a variety of yoga styles on Kate’s channel, from gentle beginner flows to invigorating Vinyasa practices. Choose the perfect class to suit your mood and energy level.

Subscription Platforms:

  • Peloton Digital:
    • Extensive library of live and on-demand classes (cycling, running, strength, yoga).
    • Requires an app or compatible equipment like Peloton bikes or treads.
  • Obé Fitness:
    • Dance-based cardio workouts with high energy and diverse instructors.
    • Offers live and on-demand classes, with a free trial available.
  • Fitbod:
    • Personalized workout plans that adapt to your progress and equipment.
    • Integrates with various fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch.
  • Trainheroic:
    • Personalized Training Marketplace: Trainheroic connects you with a vast library of workout plans and programs built by top coaches and athletes.
    • Gamified Fitness Adventure: Transform your workouts into immersive virtual train rides. Choose scenic routes, conquer obstacles, and compete with friends in a social and motivating environment.

Other Options:

  • The Sculpt Society:
    • Dance-cardio and sculpting workouts with a strong community focus.
    • Requires a subscription but offers a free trial.
  • Jefit:
    • Strength training app with customizable programs and exercise demos.
    • Offers free and premium versions with more features in the premium version.
  • Down Dog:
    • Yoga app with various styles and difficulty levels, featuring relaxing visuals and music.
    • Offers a free trial and different subscription options.
  • Zwift:
    • Immersive Cycling Playground: Zwift transforms your indoor trainer into a virtual world. Ride scenic routes, join group workouts, and race online for a dynamic and motivating cycling experience.
    • Connect and Compete: Challenge friends and fellow cyclists across the globe in virtual races and group rides. The interactive platform fosters a supportive community for pushing your limits and enjoying the ride together.


  • Consider your fitness level, goals, interests, and budget when choosing a platform.
  • Consistency is key! Pick a platform you enjoy and stick with it to see results.
  • Always listen to your body and take rest days when needed.

I hope this list with links helps you find the perfect online workouts for your fitness journey!

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