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Facing potentially life-altering challenges amidst the uncertainty in the aftermath of a DUI charge? Prioritize your legal, emotional, and mental well-being with George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. today.

It’s a scenario anyone can find themselves in – after a long week of work, you meet up with some friends to decompress and have a little fun. Even though no one has any intention of getting in trouble with the law, one drink quickly turns into more than you should have had. Your friends tell you not to drive home, but you insist. You’ve done it so many times before, why can’t you do it just one more time? The one time you don’t heed their advice, you are pulled over by a police officer and charged with DUI.

You’ll need to take some serious action in order to avoid worst-case scenarios and keep the life you know and love. You could represent yourself in court, but doing so opens you up to so much risk. You need a considerable amount of time and money to do so successfully, but more important than that is the ability to speak the language of the court. This takes years to be able to accomplish, and some still don’t even come close after investing all that time.

This is where the trusted attorneys for DUI charges at George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. can step in for you or a loved one and make all the difference. Based in Forest Park, GA, they have decades of combined experience of successfully navigating the courts in Acworth, GA. Over this time, they’ve delivered the results clients need to keep their lives on track and are ready to do the same for you. Whether it’s your first offense or a repeat offense, George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. is here to support you in every way as your DUI defense attorney for the entire duration of your case.

Understanding The Basics of DUI

DUI stands for driving under the influence. You probably already know this. But do you know that it includes drugs in the state of Georgia? That’s right. In Georgia, if you’re caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs such that your ability to operate the vehicle was impaired, you can be charged. Per Georgia statute 40-6-391, if your blood alcohol concentration level is 0.08% or higher, law enforcement can take you into custody. If this happens to you, you’ll face serious consequences, such as:

License Suspension

With a suspended license, you risk not being able to go to and from work or enjoy the life you live.


The several fines you’ll face will likely add more strain to a possibly already financially challenging situation.

Jail Time

With a DUI conviction, you may even have to go to jail. This will turn your life upside down, severely affecting your relationships and possibly even your employment prospects in the future.

A Blotted Record

If convicted, your record will always read DUI convict.

How Can A DUI Defense Attorney Help Me?

You’re probably frantically searching “DUI lawyer near me,” and we completely understand why. Navigating a DUI charge is incredibly challenging in so many ways. This is why we are intentionally committed to offering comprehensive support in every way we can.

Partnering with us, you’re never alone. You have a team of DUI lawyers not only in your corner legally but also emotionally and mentally. These areas are just as important, given how much stress you’ll be under as your case unfolds.

More specifically, there are several ways in which a DUI defense attorney can help you if you’ve been charged with DUI, including the following:

Understanding The Law

Unfortunately, the law isn’t necessarily written for the average person to easily understand. Our team has taken years out of their lives to study it. Partnering with us means you get that knowledge imputed to you by us when we represent you, in a sense. We also break things down whenever you consult us to get you up to speed as you desire.

Developing A Strategy

We develop a strategy based on the circumstances of your case that puts you in the best position possible. With no prior experience, let alone knowledge, this isn’t something you can really do for yourself.


If your case goes to trial, we represent you before the judge or jury. We present sound lines of argument in a convincing manner to get them to see your innocence or to secure a reduced sentence.

Challenging Evidence

Police officers make mistakes. When they do, it has implications for cases. Whether the officer violated protocol or the sobriety test wasn’t properly administered, we spot these mistakes and exploit them to get you off the hook for what may have been a dubious charge to begin with.

And More

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