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George C. Creal, Jr. P.C.

George C. Creal, Jr. P.C.

Being charged with a crime is a nerve-racking experience, especially if it is your first time. From not knowing what to say, if anything, to dealing with intimidating police officers and judges, it is crucial you position yourself as quickly as possible to alleviate as much as you can. The anxiety from the thought of the stain on your record you have just received, and the numerous terrifying implications is only the beginning. Depending on the crime, you could be fired from your job and have difficulty being meaningfully employed at all in the future. As if this was not abysmal enough, you could also face jail time, removed from the outside world and your loved ones for the duration of your sentence. The State will likely throw in some fines to top it off.

Do not let this happen. There is far too much at stake. Partnering with a criminal law defense lawyer is your best bet to steer clear of this path and keep your life moving in the direction you want.

George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. is a criminal defense law firm serving Kennesaw, GA and brings solutions to all of your legal needs. George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. fights for you as your criminal defense lawyer, ensuring you have the best chance of reducing or dropping your charges. George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. uses his near-30 years of experience and expertise gained to construct a strategy of attack – even if you are the defendant – for your case. On top of this, George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. leverages his knowledge of Kennesaw, GA, courts to get the verdict you deserve and need. No matter your exact needs, George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. can help you. He does not serve only as a criminal justice attorney but fights for you in personal injury and workers compensation cases just the same, both in State and Federal court.

What Penalty Am I Facing For My Crime?

The penalty for the offense in Kennesaw ultimately depends on what you are charged with. While we can expound in greater detail with a case evaluation, we thought it beneficial to provide some general information that may address your concerns in the meantime.

A misdemeanor can bring up to a year in jail and fines of $1,000 to $5,000 as penalties. Other privileges are also at risk, including your ability to freely use your driver’s license and enjoying various forms of financial aid. Common misdemeanors in Kennesaw mostly consist of:

  • DUI charges
    • Getting your license suspended, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and potential jail time are just the tip of the misdemeanor DUI iceberg. We assist in getting charges reduced or dropped.
  • Traffic violations
    • We help you contest wrongly issued traffic tickets, ensuring your driving record stays clean, as your insurance premium does with it.
  • Misdemeanor marijuana possession
    • Marijuana is still a controlled substance in Georgia. You could land in jail for a year and be forced to pay $1,000 for simply possessing some. We fight to defend your innocence or get a ruling that is best for you.
  • Shoplifting
    • These are misdemeanors in instances where the value of the item(s) is $500 or less. We help you navigate the legal process and ensure you get a just ruling.

Our Process

  1. You call and schedule your free case evaluation where we listen to your story. As we do, we will note a lot of pertinent information, such as:
    1. When exactly the incident took place;
    2. Where it took place;
    3. Who else was involved;
    4. What information you have already disclosed to the police. This can significantly affect a case.
  2. We then tell you what laws apply to your case and the potential consequences you will likely face.
  3. Lastly, we assign one of our criminal lawyers to your case. This is when they start realizing their goal of getting your charges reduced or eliminated altogether.

We take things at your pace, knowing everyone is at a different place in life, especially with their exposure and knowledge of Georgia law. Our underlying goal through the entire process is to make you feel like you are in control of your life. This is incredibly important to us at a time when it most likely feels like it is being stripped right out of your grasp.

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