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Facing criminal charges can significantly impact your life. As such, you must know where to seek support during such a challenging time. With such high stakes, making prompt and informed decisions can make all the difference between rebuilding your life and potentially facing lengthy imprisonment and financial loss. Failure to do so may jeopardize your future and cause you to miss valuable moments with your beloved family and friends.

Representing yourself limits your chances of achieving a favorable outcome in court. Navigating the complex entanglement of rules, laws, and unfamiliar legal jargon in court is a massive obstacle without professional assistance. By teaming up with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, you position yourself for a higher chance of obtaining the results in court you want.

At George C. Creal, Jr. P.C., our criminal defense services are designed to provide exceptional legal advice and representation for you in Stockbridge, Georgia. Our firm is equipped to handle cases in both State and Federal court, offering various services in criminal defense. With nearly 30 years of experience serving clients in Stockbridge, Georgia, and across the State of Georgia, our team of skilled criminal justice attorneys ensures you receive the most vigorous defense possible. We understand full well that the outcome of your case can have far-reaching consequences, which is why we are fully devoted to delivering the results you need.

How George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. Fights For You

With nearly 30 years of experience in Georgia courts, George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. offers comprehensive legal services. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide valuable advice and effective representation tailored to your needs.

During your consultation, we carefully listen to the details of your case and gather all necessary information. Our team then simplifies the relevant laws associated with your charge so you clearly understand the ins and outs of your case. We break down foreign-sounding legal language, providing you with a framework to operate from and a sense of comfort as we navigate your legal battle together.

After this initial phase, one of our experienced criminal lawyers will be assigned to handle your case. They will work to reduce your charges if possible. Collaborating closely with them will greatly assist them. They will craft a tailored legal strategy and ensure clear communication, explaining everything to you in an understandable manner.

Misdemeanor or Felony, George C. Creal, Jr. P.C. Strives To Deliver The Results You Need

At George C. Creal, Jr. P.C., our team of criminal defense lawyers is dedicated to advocating for you in various situations, whether you face a misdemeanor or felony or even have a prior criminal record. We strongly believe everyone deserves a fair and robust defense.

Misdemeanors generally carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and $1,000 in fines. However, although rare, there are exceptions, including aggravated and high misdemeanors. These misdemeanors also have a maximum jail term of one year, but fines can be up to five times higher.

In contrast, felonies are regarded as more serious crimes by the State of Georgia and carry stricter penalties. While felony charges may begin at the same level as misdemeanors, with a maximum of one year in jail and $1,000 in fines, they quickly escalate to much harsher penalties. In some cases, felony convictions can lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty. Some felonies that we offer legal services for include:

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Felony Assault
  • Sex Crimes
  • Aggravated Assault

Whether misdemeanors or felonies, having a criminal record can have long-lasting consequences that impact various aspects of your life, including future employment opportunities. Taking proactive measures to avoid these kinds of outcomes is critical. By seeking the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney from George C. Creal, Jr. P.C., you significantly increase your chances of minimizing the potential impact of the criminal charges you face.

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