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What Should I Do If I Am Contacted By The Police In East Point, GA?

When law enforcement officers investigate a crime, they will contact anyone they believe was connected to the incident. Typically, this is done by calling the individuals to briefly speak about the event and request a full interview at a later time.

In the interview, an officer will ask seemingly-innocuous questions to make their subject comfortable while gaining preliminary information. Throughout the interview, these questions will take a more pointed nature, and will be asked to try and elicit answers that can confirm any number of facts or suspicions.

Because questions in these investigations are asked to elicit a statement of guilt, the old adage “innocent until proven guilty” tends to wear thin. As a result, countless individuals have found themselves in dire circumstances by unwittingly incriminating themselves or providing information that confirms a specific narrative.

The safest thing to do when contacted by law enforcement is to politely decline to meet or speak about the incident before having the chance to discuss the matter with an attorney.

While it’s a commonly-held belief that the “right to an attorney” only takes effect when a person is being charged or arrested, the truth is that you are entitled to legal counsel at any stage of a police investigation. And what’s more, having the expertise of a trusted criminal justice attorney on your side could mean the difference between seeing charges dropped and facing harsh penalties under the law.

Will Asking To Speak With A Criminal Defense Lawyer Make Me Look Guilty?

Many people are hesitant to contact, mention, or ask for a criminal defense lawyer when asked for questioning by the police. It’s understandable to fear that asking for an attorney may imply that you have done something wrong. Though while the belief that calm cooperation with law enforcement will bring about the best outcome is common, it is unfortunately rarely true.

Police officers tend to try and speak with people before they have the opportunity to get legal counsel because they are seeking answers to questions that state prosecutors can use against suspects to bring charges and find convictions. This results in a large swath of people who are trying to be cooperative finding themselves in difficult situations.

When faced with the weight of the legal system falling upon your shoulders, there is no reason to take any chances. Because police officers and prosecutors are legal professionals, it is only right that you have a helping hand in the criminal law process. Defense lawyers are not just for “guilty people.” Rather, they are an essential part of everyone’s right to legal counsel.

Do I Need An Attorney If I Have Been Contacted By The Police About A Crime That I Didn’t Commit?

Whether the police are contacting you regarding a crime that you witnessed, were involved in, or you are in a case of mistaken identity, it is crucial to have a criminal lawyer to advise you on your interactions with law enforcement.

Taking a short amount of time to contact an attorney to discuss the nature of the situation can give you vital information about how this process may affect your life, and how you should proceed moving forward.

Do I Need An Attorney If I Have Been The Victim Of A Crime?

In many cases, victims of crimes do not need to hire an attorney. Crimes are prosecuted by the state, so you won’t need to “press charges” for legal action to be taken against a person who has harmed you. In fact, the term “pressing charges” can even be seen as misleading, because what it truly refers to is filing a formal police report.

Once a police report has been filed, the matter ultimately leaves the hands of the person who filed it. Law enforcement will take over to conduct an investigation, when necessary. Then, the case will be handled by the district attorney, who will decide whether or not there is sufficient evidence of guilt to press charges.

This, however, is the reason that people sometimes choose to work with a crime victim attorney. If you have filed a police report and disagree in any way with the manner by which it is being handled by government professionals, an attorney can provide an avenue for you to express your concerns and, potentially, shift the situation.

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